Tuesday, October 18, 2016

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Review ( Kitten Heels LSCL11 & Cherry Skies LSCL03 )

This is officially my first attempt to be a beauty blogger. I've not been so interested in beauty or make up products before and started getting into it like earlier this year. DM started putting NYX in their stores on October and it has a huge display. I haven't tried using cream or liquid lipsticks before and fell in love with the colors in the store!
nyx liquid suede review

NYX liquid suede swatch

LSCL 11 Kitten Heels (7.85 Eur)
LSCL Kitten Heels

NYX Liquid Suede Kitten Heels


nyx review

nyx lip cream

This color is a true light red color / chili red. The consistency is quite thick. The color actually looks good on asian skin. But i truly feel that the consistency between the colors are different as the LSCL 11 dries really slowly (more than 5 minutes) and if you touch it before it really dries, it smears all over the place. It is definitely not kiss proof as well.


LSCL 03 Cherry Skies ( 7.85 Eur )
lscl 03

nyx liquid suede cherry skies



Cherry Skies is a deep red color which is very suitable for fall season so i had to pick it up! It dries more quickly and doesn't smear as much. It is still not kiss proof but i'm definitely loving this color!


+ Very Pigmented
+ Easy to Apply
+ Light Feel / Doesn't feel like anything on the lips
+ Not too difficult to remove

- Not Kiss proof
- Smears all over the place

I don't really recommend buying this liquid suede because the negative points are too strong but you can definitely be careful while applying and wearing it :)

Available in DM & NYX Stores 

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Enjoy Your Flight

I'm officially back in Marburg! Just got back on Friday morning and did a lot of stuffs already. I cleaned like the whole Apartment and unpacked all my things. Things seems to be the same here in Marburg, except like now it's so cold. It's like winter already. 

I went to Grand Indonesia to meet up with Diras who i haven't like seen since 2013 or 2014. We had lunch and talked about our lives as bloggers. She's a really great blogger with a nice sense of style as well! Don't forget to check out her blog!

how to style tartan shirt

autumn ootd

red tartan shirt

how to style choker


black boots

back details

Pull&Bear Black Long Sleeved Top
Bershka High Waisted Shorts
Zara Red Tartan Shirt
H&M Belt
L.I.N.F Choker
BCBGeneration Earrings
Topshop Black Ankle Boots

Speaking of going back, there's something interesting happened on my way . 
My flight from was from Dubai to Frankfurt on 7.10.2016 with Emirates. 
I was flying alone and got lucky because the seats next to me are all free (yay to sleeping flat!).
This guy was kind and funny and made the long flight more bearable. 
Thank you and thanks for the picture.
Auf Wiedersehen F
Hope you enjoy your flights :)


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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sherry London for Your Special Occasions || Sherry London Review

Hi guys! I would like to introduce you to a reliable source to get the perfect dress for your special occasions such as  Prom, Weddings, or any formal parties. Sherry London makes custom evening dresses to suit your own needs. It has a huge range of long evening dresses , plus size evening dresses, and evening maxi dresses.

The key to finding your best dress is to choose the right color for your skin tone! I personally like to wear red evening dresses for that stand out effect or go elegant with black evening dresses . 
Sherry London is the best choice when it comes to evening dresses uk ! ;) 

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Honje Restaurant Jogjakarta Review

I just got back from visiting my extended family in Semarang and Jogjakarta over the weekend and had some time to meet up with Nia from Deniathly.com in this lovely place called Honje Resto Jogjakarta. Heard this place from fellow bloggers in Jakarta and decided to check it out!
honje restaurant jogjakarta

honje resto

honje review

honje jogjakarta makanan

honje iced caffe latte
Iced Caffee Latte 
It's actually good. It's not too sweet and you can still taste the strong coffee (a sign that this is not an instant product).

honje lime
Honje Lime
This is a mixture of kecombrang syrup and lemonade with limes. The taste is quite interesting. It's sweet and refreshing at the same time.

honje jogjakarta
Vegetable Duck Spring Rolls
This beautifully plated spring roll is filled with duck fillet and a mixture of vegetable. It's savoury and really nice to have if you're looking for a light bite.

honje restaurant tugu

honje review
(excuse my chubbiness omg.)

honje photo

Honje Restaurant Yogyakarta
Rating : ❤️❤️❤️
Jl. Mangkubumi 125 Yogyakarta (Tugu)
Closed on Mondays
Tuesday - Thursday 11:00 - 23:00
Friday - Sunday 11:00 - 00:00

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hit Me

(with that snapback - bomber jacket - sneaker combo)

So as you guys probably know (you should know, i posted it on instagram :p ) i'm currently home in Jakarta. Met up on Thursday with the loveliest Bella and had the greatest time ever. Had lunch in Shaburi and had a photo / high tea session in The Harvest. Special thanks to Bella to take these super awesome pictures!

I'm gonna show you how to style the bomber jacket with a kind of swag / hip hop twist in this look!
how to style snapback

bomber jacket

how to style snapback

how to style bomber jacket

michael kors white backpack

mitchell & ness snapback

nike air max thea white

Mitchell & Ness Blue Snapback
H&M Bomber Jacket
Pins & Needles V Neck Black Top
Cheap Monday Black High Spray Jeans
Nike Air Max Thea White / Black
Michael Kors White Backpack
Black Choker
BCBGeneration Necklace

The idea is to make the unique bomber jacket & snapback colour to pop by pairing it with all black outfits. Adding Choker also popped a little girly vibe in the outfit.

I've been obsessed with MOBB lately! It's iKON 's Bobby and Winner's Mino collaboration!
The winner of Show Me The Money 3 & runner up of SMTM 4 finally collaborated and released this mini album filled with so much swag & cool vibes. My favorite in the album is called Hit Me ft. Kush (hence the title). I'm trying to spread my love of korean hip hop to people check out their album in the playlist below!

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Friday, July 29, 2016

And July

I don't know if somebody is still following this blog after 7 months of absence. Oh well.
So hello to the ones who is still reading this blog! What's up what's good? I've been too busy with uni and my own daily life and couldn't find time to really take photos and write something in this blog. I'm more active on my instagram (@veenation). But i just had my last exam on Wednesday and finally have time to sit down and actually write something. So enjoy!
summer outfit idea

summer dress

new era baseball cap styling idea

swag style

\how to wear choker

korean idol style

cherry pink choker

vans old skool

vans old skool

new era new york baseball cap

Black Baseball Cap - New Era
No Logo Dress - Pull and Bear
Metallic Old Skool Shoes - Vans 
Cat Socks - Tutuanna (bought in Tokyo)
Cherry Pink Choker - (bought in Takashita Dori/Harajuku)
Silver Bracelet - gifted

on me :
L'oreal Indefectible Sexy Balm in shade 110 (can't sit with us)
Anna Sui blue metallic nail polish shade l104
Missha Magic Cushion #23

Now to tell you the real story. I think i need to preach about how to love oneself. I've experienced really a lot of insecurities since living here. Sometimes i'm afraid to dress up because i literally live in Marburg, where no one even dresses up, unless it's for a special themed party or graduation. I literally get a lot of stares, and when i say a lot, it's A LOT. I took this set of photos (special thank you to Hushik) in Uni Bibliothek / Uni Library because i have to study for the exams and oh boy, it's real. But i realize that if you always try to make other people happy, you won't be happy yourself. 
So you do you, do what you want to do, be who you want to be, and live your life to the fullest you beautiful people. And see you in Jakarta! I'll be back soon!

I'm fine, in July

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