Friday, July 29, 2016

And July

I don't know if somebody is still following this blog after 7 months of absence. Oh well.
So hello to the ones who is still reading this blog! What's up what's good? I've been too busy with uni and my own daily life and couldn't find time to really take photos and write something in this blog. I'm more active on my instagram (@veenation). But i just had my last exam on Wednesday and finally have time to sit down and actually write something. So enjoy!
summer outfit idea

summer dress

new era baseball cap styling idea

swag style

\how to wear choker

korean idol style

cherry pink choker

vans old skool

vans old skool

new era new york baseball cap

Black Baseball Cap - New Era
No Logo Dress - Pull and Bear
Metallic Old Skool Shoes - Vans 
Cat Socks - Tutuanna (bought in Tokyo)
Cherry Pink Choker - (bought in Takashita Dori/Harajuku)
Silver Bracelet - gifted

on me :
L'oreal Indefectible Sexy Balm in shade 110 (can't sit with us)
Anna Sui blue metallic nail polish shade l104
Missha Magic Cushion #23

Now to tell you the real story. I think i need to preach about how to love oneself. I've experienced really a lot of insecurities since living here. Sometimes i'm afraid to dress up because i literally live in Marburg, where no one even dresses up, unless it's for a special themed party or graduation. I literally get a lot of stares, and when i say a lot, it's A LOT. I took this set of photos (special thank you to Hushik) in Uni Bibliothek / Uni Library because i have to study for the exams and oh boy, it's real. But i realize that if you always try to make other people happy, you won't be happy yourself. 
So you do you, do what you want to do, be who you want to be, and live your life to the fullest you beautiful people. And see you in Jakarta! I'll be back soon!

I'm fine, in July

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  1. dressnya lucu!!


  2. you are so cute

  3. Being at Uni always keep you busy because literally there's no free time at all :/ Uni is a huge place and sometimes I feel like people always look at me too but stay strong girl, you're pretty and it will eventually pass xx

    Bollianaxo | Student's Lifestyle Blog

  4. Super cute look<3


  5. Cool shoes

  6. You look so stylish for studying!
    But I do believe that when you look good, you'll feel good so just wear whatever that makes you feel confident.
    I hope you'll have a safe trip back to Jakarta!


  7. what a nice strawberry chocker you've got there~ :)

  8. and oh, I'll follow your blog now, you have a good content. hope to see more of your post :)

  9. setelah sekian lama hiatus ya van :D

    nice look on you! love the dress so much!

  10. At least you got the spotlight girl hahaha

    emang susah ya sekarang rutin ngeblog, aku juga jadi agak bingung kalau lagi gak ada materi, soalnya sekarang blog udah berubah, beda dari jaman 2009-2010, apalagi udah ada sosial media, blog jadinya agak kurang kalau untuk short story (kalau long story malah gak ada waktu)

    Tapi aku masih suka ngeblog sih (apalagi kalau banyak materinya hahaha). Tapi biar gak gitu2 aja, emang harus lakuin hal baru ya, kaya kamu, dancing. Apa aku ikutan dancing juga ya? hahaha

    Herdiana Surachman

  11. Cute look!I'm loving that choker and the socks <3

    The Quirky Queer

  12. welcome back!
    sometimes life can make blogging very hard but glad you have started sharing again :)


    A.Viza Style

  13. glad that you're back!!!!


  14. Oh, this sooo comfort.
    Love your cherry choker and those cute kitten socks right?
    love it.

    Putri |

  15. I still save that choker from you <3

    Margareta Vania

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