Monday, December 19, 2016

Winter Essentials : Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle

As i continue to complain how cold the weather is here in Marburg, you should know that winter has arrived. The ultimate key to survive winter is to stay warm, moisturized, and comfy. I'll share my favorite products which can inspire you to try them out!
winter essentials

best moisturizer
Moisturize ! 
I love to use a thicker moisturizer during the winter and have found some that are not heavy in oil and makes my skin looks really oily. I really recommend the L'occitane Immortelle Precious cream as an everyday moisturizer because it's very thick yet not sticky or heavy. COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream, you all already know, that i love LOVE it ( read the full review here ) . I've been also trying out the Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal Luminizing Eye Roll On but it's only "okay". It has claimed to reduce black circle and wrinkles but it hasn't done anything yet.
aloe vera gel
Wear a Mask every 2 or 3 Days
This step is really soothing and does only good things for your skin! I hoard sheet masks from different brands in my refrigerator and put them on while watching movies or even studying. I got the Aloe Gel from the most loveable (sarangsurowooo) Margareta Vania and use it whenever i feel lazy to put on a real mask. I just apply the gel a little bit thicker than usual and let my skin absorb all the moisture from it.
yves rocher facial mist
Use Facial Mist in Between Outdoor Activities
This is a fun activity to do and refreshes your skin and feeling when you're outside. This mist is pretty small in size so it's perfect to carry around. It's fun to use alone and spray at your friends (especially male ones) to annoy them but do something good at the same time :p
best body butter 
Apply Body Butter after Showering
Not only your face needs to be taken care of but also your body ! Your skin gets drier during the colder months so it needs some extra love. It's most effective when you apply body butter or cream right after showering. I would recommend Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter & Rituals Honey Touch Body Cream because these smell amazing and really do make your skin very soft to the touch! 

winter fashion essential
Big Scarfs & Beret
Say hi to Jenny, our model of the day <3
I have been wearing this huge scarf from Hollister a lot these months because it's very warm and a statement if you wear a dark colored coat. Wool Beret is also easy to match and keeps your head warm !
jenny and i, who's cuter?
gudetama mug
Tea & Scented Candles
I drink at least 2 cups of tea everyday and my favorites are this Lipton Apricot, Peach, & Guava Fruit Tea and Twinings English Breakfast. They're black teas with certain flavors that i really like. I've also been enjoying them in this veerrry cute Gudetama Mug from Jacqueline !
My latest obsession is collecting scented candles and lighting them up every time i'm home. I still haven't found the best scented candle yet but i've been loving this calvin klein one i got from TKMaxx !  

I hope you got some inspiration for this Winter for my list! 
What's your winter essentials?

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