The Girl Behind

Vania Aprilia
Jakarta, Indonesia - Marburg, Deutschland

Hey there, i'm Vania! I blog, i play, i post photos, and enjoy life. I was born on 23th April 1996 and gladly live in this world ever since. I'm currently studying in Studienkolleg Marburg (W- Kurs), Germany.

I started this blog in 2012 hoping to inspire other people to dress up and express themselves through clothing. Fashion, Beauty, and Music are the best things in the world for me and i write a lot about those things here in the blog.

I describe my style as simple, effortless, and "cool" because i'm not too girly and not too boyish as well. I mix and match everything that i have in my wardrobe and post it here in Pudding Monster.
Lots of love for you guys who read & enjoy my blog! Don't hesitate to contact me via my social media accounts or write me an email in ;)

Love, Liebe, Amore,